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Vacuum Heat Sintering Furnace
Dec 25, 2017

The vacuum hot-pressing sintering furnace comprises a sintering furnace and a vacuuming part, the sintering furnace comprises a furnace body and a heating chamber which is arranged in the furnace body, wherein six lead electrodes are arranged on the sintering furnace and are characterized in that the upper and the lower sides Which are respectively provided with a hydraulic machine upper beam and a hydraulic machine lower beam, wherein the hydraulic machine upper beam and the hydraulic machine lower beam are connected by four pillars as a whole; the upper pressure head is formed by connecting the upper hydraulic cooling head and the upper graphite pressure head, And the lower graphite pressure head is connected, the upper pressure head and the lower pressure head are respectively inserted into the furnace body through the pressure head through holes on the upper and the lower end faces of the furnace body and the heating chamber, the upper graphite pressure head and the lower graphite pressure head are inserted respectively Heating room, the pressure head and the pressure head can move up and down. Due to the heat radiation shielding ring added in the heating chamber, the hot pressing temperature is increased, the high temperature radiation effect on the insulating ring of the lead electrode is avoided, and the service life is prolonged. In addition, it also reduces the damage to the electrode insulation during high temperature hot pressing and improves the insulation performance.

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