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Vacuum Furnace Composition
Dec 25, 2017

Vacuum furnace is generally composed of hearth, electric heating device, sealed shell, vacuum system, power supply system and temperature control system. Sealed shell with carbon steel or stainless steel welding, removable parts of the joint sealing surface with vacuum sealing material. In order to prevent deformation of the furnace shell and heat sealing material deformation, the furnace shell is generally cooled with water or air. The furnace is in a sealed furnace shell. Depending on the furnace application, different types of heating elements, such as resistors, induction coils, electrodes and electron guns, etc. are installed inside the furnace. Melting metal vacuum furnace with crucibles, and some also equipped with automatic pouring device and loading and unloading manipulator and so on. Vacuum system is mainly composed of vacuum pump, vacuum valve and vacuum gauge.

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