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Vacuum Furnace Advantages
Dec 25, 2017

1) completely eliminate the heating process of the workpiece surface oxidation, decarburization, access to clean surface without deterioration layer. This is of great importance for the improvement of cutting performance for tools that only wear one side during sharpening, such as direct twist of the decarburized layer on the grooved surface after the twist drill is ground.

2) no pollution to the environment, without the need for waste treatment.

3) Determination of temperature, monitoring accuracy improved significantly. Thermocouple indication and furnace temperature reached ± 1.5 ° c. However, a large number of parts of the furnace temperature difference between the larger parts, if forced circulation of thin gas, can still be controlled within ± 5 ° c temperature range.

4) a high degree of mechanical and electrical integration. On the basis of improving the accuracy of temperature measurement and control, workpiece movement, air pressure adjustment and power adjustment can be pre-programmed and quenched and tempered by steps.

5) Energy consumption is significantly lower than the salt bath furnace. Modern advanced vacuum furnace heating chamber made of high-quality thermal insulation materials and insulation wall and barrier, the electric energy can be highly concentrated in the heating chamber, energy-saving effect is remarkable.