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Vacuum Furnace
Dec 25, 2017

Vacuum furnace appeared around the 1930s. 1927 United States made of vacuum annealing furnace electrical materials. 1953 vacuum consumable arc furnace in the industry has been applied. The vacuum furnace in the furnace space in this particular space by the vacuum system (vacuum pump, vacuum measuring devices, vacuum valves and other components carefully assembled) will be part of the furnace cavity discharge material, the pressure within the cavity less than one standard atmospheric pressure, Furnace chamber space to achieve the vacuum state, which is the vacuum furnace.

Vacuum furnaces are devices that heat in a vacuum environment. Pipe with high vacuum pump system in furnace with metal enclosure or quartz glass seal. Furnace vacuum up to 133 × (10-2 ~ 10-4) h. Furnace heating system can be directly used resistance furnace wire (such as tungsten wire) power heating, high frequency induction heating can also be used. The maximum temperature up to about 3000 ℃. Mainly used for ceramic firing, vacuum smelting, electrical vacuum parts degassing, annealing, brazing of metal parts, and ceramic - metal seal.

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