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Tube Furnace Features
Dec 25, 2017

1, the appearance of high temperature, corrosion-resistant paint processing.

2, the console with intelligent PID digital controller, good stability, high precision, with ammeter, novel structure.

3, the furnace door thickening, strengthening treatment to prevent deformation 4, the lining of high purity alumina and insulation cotton, thermal insulation effect is good

5, the furnace temperature from time to time detection function (without heating case also shows the actual temperature of the furnace, easy to observe the furnace temperature at any time). With overload protection and short circuit protection 6, the shell made of high quality welded steel plate flange welding, the studio is made of refractory furnace, heating element placed in them, between the furnace and the shell with insulation material masonry.

6, the degree of vacuum -0.1mpa

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