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Atmosphere Furnace Body Part
Dec 25, 2017

Atmosphere Furnace body part:

Furnace mullite poly light + aluminum silicate fiber material masonry. Furnace chamber up and down with silicon carbide slab, the furnace temperature is the heating element in the heating process through the silicon carbide slab conduction (dark fire), the temperature is more uniform. Full sealed furnace shell. To improve the service life of gaskets in the furnace door with a circulating water jacket to reduce the sealing temperature. Intake set the top of the furnace, the heating chamber after preheating divided into multiple furnaces, exhaust through the bottom of the bottom of the furnace after discharge, equipped with a control valve for the exhaust port switch. The gas path is equipped with gas flow meter for normal use to control the flow of atmosphere. Equipped with micro-pressure gauge, testing furnace leaks. There is a water outlet in the mouth of the furnace for discharging the moisture generated in the furnace during the inflation process.