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Application Of SPS In Material Preparation
Dec 25, 2017

At present, more studies have been carried out in foreign countries, especially in Japan, on the preparation of new materials by SPS. Some of the products have been put into production. SPS Machinable material types shown in Table 1. In addition to preparing the material, SPS is also available for material connections such as MoSi2 and stone mills, ZrO2 / Cermet / Ni and others.

In recent years, domestic and foreign research on the preparation of new materials by SPS mainly focuses on: ceramics, cermets, intermetallic compounds, composites and functional materials. Among the most studied are functional materials, including thermoelectric materials, magnetic materials, functionally graded materials, composite functional materials and nano-functional materials. SPS made of amorphous alloy, shape memory alloy, diamond, also made an attempt, and achieved good results.

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