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Experience Center

1.  Vacuum hot pressing furnace

The company allows customers to inspect vacuum hot pressing furnace.

Atmosphere hot pressing furnace, continuous hot pressing sintering furnace and process method, replacing the traditional cold pressing - sintering method.


2. SPS sintering system

The SPS sintering method can better sintered the gradient material, the carbide material, the sintering efficiency and the physical and chemical properties are better than the traditional sintering methods. Our company provides a prototype for customers to experience. And we continuously design SPS sintering methods to achieve high efficiency and high production which meets customers’ needs.


3. Vacuum sintering furnace

The vacuum sintering method is compared to the traditional atmosphere sintering, gas sintering is superior, and the chemical properties of the products are better in order to meet the new requirements of new materials.

Our company can provide customers with the inspection and experience of vacuum sintering furnace. It can also provide a continuous vacuum sintering furnace methods for customers to meet the customers' demand for high production.